Music is the portion of soul. Mridangamela means the combine reacting of 10 to 100 students in a same “Thala” and same “Shruthi”. In today’s musical world, Mridangamela is having a good position. The performers of Mridangamela are “Korambu Mridanga Kalari” Irinjalakuda. Mridangamela was developed by “Mridangacharya “Late. Sri. Korambu Subrahmaniyan Namboodiri". He was the founder of Korambu Mridanga Kalari too.

Once, Kanji Madathipathi Sri. Jayendra Saraswathi Swamikal came to Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple at Thrissur, at that time Shri. Subramanian Namboodiri asked Swamikal to hear Mridangamela of his students. Swamiji enjoyed the compositions, also began to tell the first lessons of Mridangamela. Blessed the teacher and students and asked Shri Subramanian Namboodiri to continue the work. Also that was a great experience for him.

The same year Shri. Subramanian Namboodiri took his 14 students to “Chembai Sangeetholsavam” at Guruvayur and conducted Mridangamela for the first time there. It was a wonderful experience for the audience too. The name “Mridanagamela” was given by one of Shri. Subramanian Namboodiri’s students father Shri. Vettikkara Radhakrishnan, it was during, when the programme was being conducted 2nd time at Koodalmanikyam temple, Irinjalakuda.

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