Korambu Mridanga Kalari, one of the best mridanga training institutes in Kerala was founded in 1980, in Irinjalakuda, Thrissur, by a great maestro of Mridanga, late Korambu Subrahmanian Namboodiri (1932- 2008).

Sri Subrahmanian Nambudiri has the credit of introducing mridangamela to the world of music.

The teaching method developed by Korambu family is very special that it enables younger ones to follow the lessons easily.

The institution has training programs varying from beginner’s course to the advanced level course. A special one year course is there which enables the students to accompany musical concerts and classical dance forms like Bharathanatyam as well on mridanga. Mridangamela is a sacred pursuit of divine rhythms on mridanga which bestows its students with self-confidence, calmness and a higher awreness.

Kalari has its unique program, on-line mridanga course for students who cannot attend the courses directly.

Sri Vikraman Namboodiri, son and gifted disciple of Subramanyan Namboodiri is the present Director and chief instructor of the kalari.

One Hour Crash Course
This is a very special, unique learning program of just one hour duration, which enables a group of students (beginners) to perform mridangamela.

This course has been successfully conducted in many schools to enable groups of students to perform during annual day celebrations, youth festivals etc. One such course was conducted in a school in Dubai also.

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